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Botrytis cinerea and salicylic acid - highlighting different responses of some common genes

There have been many publications suggesting that a salicylic acid signalling pathway is a component of the response of Arabidopsis to infection by Botrytis cinerea.
Using the Venn diagram software we see that within the DRASTIC gene expression database there are 90 genes which are regulated by both Botrytis cinerea and by salicylic acid

Venn Diagram Botrytis cinerea and salicylic acid

Many of these genes are upregulated by both these treatments confirming the presence of such a pathway (data not shown) but choosing only those genes which are regulated differently by these treatments and putting those AGI numbers into 'Pathway Finder' software on this web site, we have the following results.

Some of these genes are also regulated by other genes but there is no obvious pattern amongst this subset of genes suggesting any other treatment is showing close similarity to gene expression in response to B. cinerea or salicylic acid.

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