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Common Pathways - ABA / cold / drought / sodium chloride

Using the pathway finder to generate the image below we can see that a number of genes appear to be similarly regulated by different treatments.and thus may form part of common signalling or response pathways.

Common Pathways Drought

Common pathways drought legend

Another dataset of genes regulated by drought are shown below and is similarly also regulated by ABA and salt but none of them are regulated by cold.

common pathway but no cold regulated genes

legend for common pathway but no cold regulated genes

This information helps to explain why some transformations not only increase drought tolerance but also have other effects, some of them anatomical.  The DRASTIC gene expression database has a search option to list 'unique genes' ie genes which are regulated by only a single treatment within the database. This list therefore contains some genes which might be truly unique to drought responses and which might not have 'side effects' if used for GM transformations.

More information on drought responses is available at http://potatometabolicpathways.webs.com/drought.htm

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